In order for the school to run efficiently we respectfully ask that you respect the following rules :

  • Have your lesson card on you before you arrive for a group or private lesson.
  • Show or give the lesson card that corresponds to the day and time to the instructor at the beginning of each lesson.
  • Be on time at the meeting point (group or private lessons, lateness counts as part of the lesson)
  • You MUST have a ski pass to follow lessons.
  • Be equipped with the correct material and clothing.

Please take into account the following information :

  • The use of a fraudulent lesson card will result in immediate retention.
  • If a lesson card is lost, no duplicate will be issued.
  • The ESF declines all responsibility for accidents of any nature which may occur.
  • Instructors cannot be blamed for weather conditions, broken down lifts or other unfortunate events.
  • If lessons are stopped for reasons beyonf our control, no reimbursement will be made.
IMPORTANT: Students are not insured by the ESF. To avoid financial problems resulting from an accident, we strongly advise that you take the Carré Neige insurance.